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Blue Saphire

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Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire - One of the fastest acting gemstone!

Sapphire gemstones in form of rings or any other fine jewellery is an ideal choice as a centerpiece! Joyalukkas blue sapphire gemstone depicts a promise of honesty, loyalty, nobility,and integrity. Its been a tradition of blue sapphires to be associated with discipline, dedication and channeling high powers. It is also known to be one of the most popular corundum variety.

The everlasting luring aura of gemstones has always had an impact on human life since centuries. From any occasion to ritual based purposes, gemstones have always played a vital role in bringing the desired change in various aspects of human life. Gemstones are recommended according to one’s zodiac sign refering horoscope. Blue Sapphire also known as ‘neelam’ is a gemstone for Saturn which consists of titanium, iron and aluminum oxide. Buy blue sapphire online from Joyalukkas website.

Blue Sapphires are considered best for Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) and Capricorn (Makar Rashi). One who needs to surpass or reduce the ill effects of Sade-Saati (Saturn period) can wear it in form of a blue sapphire ring or any fine jewellery. Positive effects and success are acknowledged in the life of those who wear this. It should be worn in the middle finger of right hand studded in iron or gold. Wearing blue sapphire gemstone brings good to your life in many ways:

  1. Enhances the positive energy of Saturn
  2. It helps one imbibe discipline to be patient
  3. Positive results in combating Saturn transits
  4. Blue sapphire if combined with other stones, helps cure bone cancer, paralysis and kidney issues
  5. Act as a safeguard from evil spirits and invites health, fame, calmness, and prosperity
  6. Improves concentration power

Sapphires generally make stunning birthday gifts, hence if one is a well-wisher of their loved ones, blue sapphire rings are the best choice to make. Why wait? Visit Joyalukkas online jewellery website and book your blue gemstone now!