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Yellow Saphire


Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire for a Miraculous Progress

Joyalukkas yellow sapphire gemstone has several benefits to offer. It has an impeccable splendor of bringing wisdom and prosperity in one’s life who wears it. It is also known by another name as ‘Pukhraj’ in India. This gemstone is a giver. It provides name, fame, and success to the wearer. It ranks 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. The yellow sapphire gemstone gives excellent benefits when worn. It is ruled by planet Jupiter.

One who wears yellow sapphire has high prospects of being successful. Being progressive and attaining fame is one of the most important benefits of theirs. If you want to boost your financial status, wear this and you will definitely seek prosperity.

Improves marital affair and relationships - One who is experiencing a delay in marriage or wish to enjoy a happy marriage life can wear this gemstone. It also helps unite the bond of love and commitment.

Wearing yellow sapphire for women seems beneficial who wish to have a progeny. Yellow sapphire brings health - the gemstone helps one on being healthy by providing a good blood circulation and is also considered as a cure for few diseases.

Boosts confidence - Anyone who faces difficulty in expressing themselves, the stone benefits them by increasing their creative skills

One should wear it with a gold ring on the index finger. It gives great results if worn on Thursday.

Ceylon yellow sapphire is considered the best one.

There are many positive effects of yellow sapphire. Joyalukkas offers a natural and 100% pure and certified yellow sapphire gemstone online without compromising the quality. There are different categories of it like - Standard grade, fine grade, premium grade, and super premium grade. If you are looking for a reliable and renowned seller of gemstones, then book it at Joyalukkas online shopping portal today @ the best price!

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