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Mangalsutra - a symbol of commitment!

Do you know “mangal” means auspicious and “sutra” means thread? The sacred thread that a groom ties around the neck of a bride on the wedding day is known to be the Mangalsutra. It gives women their status of being a wife and they wear it in the name of her husband. A string of gold and black beads carries great importance and value in the life of Indian Hindu women. Mangalsutra symbolizes marital bliss of a married couple. According to Hindu principles, the gold represents Shakti (strength) and the black beads are known to fight evil.

Women today is driven by fashion and always want to go hand in hand with the latest trends. Women are independent and are working which sometimes make them reluctant of wearing heavy traditional mangalsutra with all the outfits. Hence, the designs of mangalsutra for women have also changed eventually.

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Traditional gold mangalsutra designs: Chayla Leafy Gold Mangalsutra, Veena Mangalsutra
Wedding mangalsutra: Janhvi Mangalsutra and the Multi-layered Promise Mangalsutra
Latest designs: The Geeti Lotus Mangalsutra, Coin Gold Mangalsutra, The Lema Tassel Gold Mangalsutra, Chic Manda Beaded Gold Mangalsutra

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